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Properly trained, a man can be dog's best friend.  ~Corey Ford

A dog is not "almost human" and I know of no greater insult to the canine race than to describe it as such.  ~John Holmes

The most affectionate creature in the world is a wet dog.  ~Ambrose Bierce

I love a dog.  He does nothing for political reasons.  ~Will Rogers














For pet owner's


What do you look for in a good dog leash? Most pet owners tell us that they want a line that will allow them to keep their pet under control while being easy on the dog and easy on their hands.

In other words, a good leash is comfortable for both you and your pooch. That's the case with all the products you buy for your dog. knows what you are looking for in products for your dog.

Which one of these scenarios fits you?


You and Scruffy, live in a suburb. Your day begins with a cup of coffee and a gentle reminder from your Scruffy that it's time to go for a walk. Maybe your reach for the leash is enough to get him in a frenzy. "We're going out! Hooray!" he seems to tell you. You grab for that ratty old leash made of what is now very dirty, almost chewed-thorough webbing. Boy, that looks bad. Still half asleep, you struggle to attach it to Scruffy's collar. Off you go.'s basic single leash is available in a variety of bright colors. Best of all, like all our leashes, it's machine washable and will look like new for a very long time. Our leashes come with easy to attach snaps in either chrome or brass. You can snap the leash onto Scruffy's color with one hand. Should Scruffy get away from you in your sleepy stupor, he'll be distinctive in his colorful leash and clamp, making it easier for him to be returned to you.

It's 6:00 pm and you're finally home from work. Boomer's been waiting for you all day. As you change into your jogging togs he seems to know it's time for his run too. You're both out the door but you're having trouble getting into your stride because you've got Boomer's leash wrapped around your hand. It's hard to get your arms and legs moving in a natural stride with a 50-pound dog pulling at the end of a three-foot leather leash.

Our Jogging Leash is especially made for exercising both of you with a minimum of fuss by connecting the leash to you around your waist. It's custom-made for your waist size and the main part of the leash is five feet long. It can also be used as a standard leash by snapping the waist snap to the main part of the leash.

A comedy act is what you feel like as you walk your two dogs, Dow and Jones. You walk a few feet and have to stop to untangle the two darlings, each with a mind of her own. You get them untangled and within 30 seconds it's time to stop again and do it all over. You're starting to think that this is too hard to do but don't have enough time to take them out one at a time.

Our 2-dog Leash, with our unique clamp, lets your dogs wander and cross each other as many times as they like without tangling. It's much less stressful on you, and therefore on them, than using two separate leashes. You can keep them both under control with one hand. With that kind of control and our lovely colorful line and clamps, you'll look good too!

Dolly is the cutest little Yorkie puppy in the world. Such a little dog needs a little leash that's light in weight, but the leash handle is cutting into your hand. Do you grin and bear it or put more weight on Dolly's little body?

Our Small Dog Leash is made with 3/16" marine-grade line. We use small, lightweight snaps for these leashes, so your little friend won't be loaded down with hardware.

Bubba is getting up in years. He's 13 years old now and has developed sensitive skin. Wearing a collar continuously irritates him terribly. Having to put a collar on him so you can walk him on a leash is a chore.'s Slip Lead is a collar and leash in one. It slips over Bubba's head. It is designed so that the adjustable slide won't let the leash slip off his head and yet releases to a relaxed position. When your walk is done, simply move the slide and slip the leash and collar off in one easy motion.

You enjoy taking Rusty out for walks along Main Street. But, he's still in obedience training and as a rambunctious pup and likes to say hello to everyone you pass. You want to keep him right next to you but wrapping that leash around your hand to keep him close is a pain.

Our Dog Check, or Handler's Leash can be made in any length up to 36 inches so you can keep Rusty right at your side in a comfortable fashion. With this type of close communication, you can teach Rusty to be polite making your Main Street walk enjoyable again.

Nobody likes to play more than Rags. Chasing a tennis ball in the park is her favorite activity. When she brings the ball back it's not too appetizing for you. You love your dog, but not the drool on the ball.

The Tugger Toy lets Rags chase her beloved tennis ball but gives you a length of line to grab and throw with. This makes catch-the-ball a fun game for both of you.

You're throwing a holiday party and everybody in the family is going to be decked out in new, festive clothes. You look over at Bear and wish you could give him a festive touch too.

Our Special Occasion Doggie Ties are available as neckties or bowties in a variety of fabrics. You can dress Bear up for the New Year, Valentine's Day, or birthdays, to name just a few special occasions. The necktie and white collar combination and the bowtie both attach quickly with Velcro.


We continue to expand our product offering check out our Product Catalog for all the great items!



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