Manufacturers of colorful, tangle-free leashes for 1, 2, 

3, or four dogs, suitable for pets and show dogs. We also make leashes for hunters and 

joggers, toys, doggie neckties and other products. Our leashes float and are washable. How to Choose a Leash!
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Check out the travel gear. All kinds of products, to keep your out of your lap when driving.

This is NOT how your dog should be carried in your car. However it is cute!














How to Choose a Leash!

First, look through our Product Catalog, and compare the leashes with your particular needs. For example:

Are you a jogger who enjoys taking your pet along for exercise and company? Then the Jogger's Leash is for you, since it works as a "hands free" leash around your waist, and, with a simple resnaping of the line, as a standard leash.

Are you a Tracker? Then check out our Special Tracking Lead. Forty feet long, its two contrasting colors allow you to see how your dog is performing at 20 feet and 40 feet from you.

Since we make every leash to order, we can make it any length you want. Do you want your dog close? Try a 3 ft or 4 ft lead. Want to let them get far away? Choose a 10 ft lead. Or maybe you want both? Choose a 2 Handle Leash.

What about size? Here's how we break it down.


We continue to expand our product offering check out our Product Catalog for all the great items!

See our new Comfort Handle leashes. They are great for arthritis, carpel tunnel and tendonitis sufferers.


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