Manufacturers of colorful, tangle-free leashes for 1, 2, 

3, or 4 dogs, suitable for pets and show dogs. We also make leashes for hunters and 

joggers, toys, doggie neckties and other products. Our leashes float and are washable. leashes and much, much more!
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a 2dog leash

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You've arrived at the home of the best dog leashes you'll ever own. Have a look at our product catalog, read our guarantee, and shop for the leash that meets your needs.

We make the best custom leashes, from the best materials available. We make every leash when ordered from a single dog leash to a 4 dog leash, tracking leads, training leads, attachments for retractable leads, swim leads and much more.

It's time to get the leash that not only works for your dog, but also fits your needs. We make custom leashes as ordered, any size, any length, any configuration. If you want a 3 ft leash, "we can do it"; if you want a 10 ft leash "we can do that"; if you want a 6 dog leash, "we've made them". You can custom order a car online, you should be able to get a custom leash that works for you and your best friend. Don't buy that one size fits all leash made in a far away factory. Buy that custom made leash, that best fits you and your dog.

They are colorful and durable and 100% Salt Water safe! They will not rust, they will not corrode. We live on the edge of the Chesapeake Bay in Maryland and our leashes are the original Salt Water Dog Leash.

That's why we offer a guarantee with all our leashes!

Our products are for the active dog, from custom made leashes to pet life jackets, rain coats, dog backpacks, pet neckties and travel gear.  It's all about the dog on the go.

We feature products that are not only durable and a great value, but also colorful and fun. Our products are tailored to YOUR needs, whether you are the loving "parent" of a member of the family, or a professional dog breeder.  Each leash is custom made in the USA and we only distribute the highest quality pet products!

What's HOT?

What are they asking for at the shows? We'll we've done several events recently and a number of customers have said they need a short 2 Dog Leash to get control of their dogs. The picture to the right is 2 rescued Great Danes with a 2 Dog Leash Shorty to allow their owner to better manage them. They can't get that far apart and pull on each as much as their owner. With over 300lbs of dog you have to have control. Made this leash recently for a couple of Grey Hounds and a couple of Portuguese Water dogs.

From Dog Days of Summer, American Cancer Society Fund Raiser. Picture compliments of Patrick Hackley
Freelance Documentary & Photojournalism Photography


We continue to expand our product offering check out our Product Catalog for all the great items!

See our new Comfort Handle leashes. They are great for arthritis, carpel tunnel and tendonitis sufferers.


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