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Leashes & Leads : 
Recommended Order Size
Dogs Weight   Single Leash 2 Dog Leash 3 Dog Leash 4 Dog Leash
All dogs under 12 lbs   Sm Sm Sm Sm/Med
All dogs 13 - 30 lbs   Med  Med  Med  Med/Lg
All dogs 31 - 61 lbs   Med/Lg Lg  Lg  Lg 
All dogs 61 - 90 lbs   Lg Lg  Lg/XLg Lg/XLg
All dogs over 90lbs   XLg XLg XLg XLg

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ALL Leashes are made to your specifications.

Any Size, Any Length, Any Color.  

Where else can you get a custom leash made to order?

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